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Club Rules

CONSTITUTION - the  club constitution can be viewed HERE (PDF viewer required)




Bringing Friends on Trips 
Everyone who attends a BSC trip must be a member and signed up at least a week prior to the event. It is not possible for people to join on the day. Even when we are at a public campsite if you are bringing mates and plan to hang out with the rest of the club they must be members. In general, whilst bringing one or two mates is fine, bringing a group of mates along can dilute the ethos of the club and is not encouraged. Details for joining can be found on the membership page of the website. 


Bringing Kids on Trips 
Children are only permitted to attend club trips where the trip has been designated as a child friendly trip. The committee will notify when and if children are permitted to attend. 


Late Arrivals 
Please aim to turn up at a reasonable time to campsites, they often don't appreciate people turning up late as it can disturb other campers. If you're going to be late please check with the campsite or committee/ event organiser first. 


Respecting our Playgrounds 
Respect the places where we stay - obey their rules, leave the campsite/accommodation tidy and clean up after yourselves rather than expecting someone else to do it! We have developed some really good relationships with our favourite venues over the years and want to be able to go back to these places. During the evenings, please keep noise to a minimum after 10pm unless in a designated area where we are allowed to cut loose. 


Illegal Substances 
Members are reminded that the use of illegal and recreational drugs will not be tolerated. Any member found to be using these at club events may become subject to disciplinary procedures. 


Good Behaviour 
Members are reminded they are expected to uphold the good name of the club whilst on club organised events. Should the committee deem any behaviour unsatisfactory, further action may be taken as detailed in the ‘Membership’ section of the constitution. 

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